Shake & Shift to Restore Equilibrium

I think many of us can relate to what I told a patient today…

“The worst of sh*t makes the best of flowers.”
The last month has been tough for so many of us… and these kinds of challenging experiences can leave skid marks on our nervous system.

That’s why Shake and Shift is one of the most potent exercises you can do.

This exercise helps you shake loose negative imprints that challenging life events can leave on the memory banks of your nervous system riverbed. Negative memories can leave toxic residue behind and left unchecked, these difficult experiences can grow into physical problems later.

So… enjoy this month’s exercise and shake it off… followed by a nice good soak in the safe and pleasant body sensations that follow in its wake. cool

There is hope to be found in the fact that things can change… sometimes quicker than we might realize. This study (posted on the National Library of Medicine website) shows significant reduction in the brain’s amygdala stress circuits after a three day training intervention.

That’s exciting! Your brain can literally change itself after only three days of new input.

Other exciting news…

I’m officially a Registered Psychotherapist!

As many of you know, I firmly believe in the body-mind connection because both body and mind affect the other in ways beyond our conscious comprehension. The decision to become a psychotherapist allows me to better serve you and provide greater clarity in my approach to your care, which includes both mind and body. I believe that you deserve to have your needs met from both ends.

You can officially call me your “Psychologically Informed Physical Therapist”!

My practice will open up its doors on May 11, with all appropriate precautions in place. I will call you the day prior to your appointment to confirm and discuss COVID safety for your specific needs.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all again!


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