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The Professional Scoop.

My name is Dr. Renee Ostertag and my advanced degree is a Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT). I’m trained to evaluate scientific research and deliver it to clinical settings. I am really good at scouring the hard to read literature, find what’s good, translate it to layman’s terms, and deliver it to you in bite size pieces that have real life applications to improve your day to day world.

I’ve been in Physical Therapy since 2000 doing clinical work, teaching and training others. I’ve done advanced studies in various psychology interventions, spiritual development, trauma recovery, mind-body connection and energy medicine. For the professional details, see my Curriculum Vitae (CV).

The Personal Scoop.

I have firsthand experience of being a highly driven empath with a history of trauma. I lived with undiagnosed PTSD since my mom died suddenly of an aneurysm when I was 11 years old. Living in a dysregulated nervous system for almost 30 years created all kinds of problems for me. And the bottom line is that it is exhausting to pretend it’s all ok when it really isn’t.

Here’s the cool part – I found my way out. Some call it Post Traumatic Growth or a regulated nervous system. I call it living in my “green trees”, because trees look like neurons and when my system is regulated, it’s healthy and sustainable – just like green trees.

The Brand Mullet.

My professional and personal life experiences have culminated to create the work I do in the world. I took what worked from pain neuroscience, spirituality, psychology and physical therapy, put it all together in a pot, and created the Green Tree Mind philosophy. My work is part neurobiology, part philosophy that results in personal growth, greater peace, health and improved self-awareness…. And did I mention your back and neck will stop hurting??

I love what I call my brand mullet – science in the back and spirit in the front. I need them both to make sense of this wild and crazy world.

The Values Scoop.

“Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny”
-Mahatma Ghandi
Connection to one’s Self is the access point that allows connection to something bigger. The Self within is connected to everything that is, was, and ever will be. It is the timeless nature of our being that connects us to the Divine that lives within us all.

We feel this through a felt sense in our body, attention within our mind and it creates a profound experience of connection to the present moment. This connects us to one another in meaningful ways, as well as to the Source that fuels all of Life. Connection to Self = Connection to Life.

Ease and Flow
There is a natural rhythm in the existence of the Universe. Life follows this flow by moving rhythmically between states of contraction and expansion. Periods of expansion, followed by contraction, are a completely normal part of Life’s rhythm.

We are a part of the Universe and are designed to easily shift between states of contraction and expansion. The more we flow according to our natural rhythm, the more we flow in the ease of Life’s rhythm. The more we fight it, the harder life becomes. Fight less and flow more.

There are three possible outcomes in collaborative relationships: lose-lose, win-lose, or win-win. As the name describes, one or both parties lose in the first two outcomes. We seek to create win-win situations with all collaborations, interactions, and relating.

We use creative thinking, non-violent communication, and curiosity to explore possibilities that allow all parties to have interactions that get their needs met. This creates an attitude of gratitude and appreciation that builds and fuels upon itself. We can all win.

Artist of Life
Life is a direct, accumulated reflection of how we look at it. None of it is our fault… but our life is our responsibility to do our best, with the best we can at the time. We can look at the glass as half full, half empty or irrelevant – or ten million other ways. The choice is ultimately ours.

We find a lot of hope in doing the best we can with what life gives us, and creatively finding gifts and opportunities in what is here. When we do that, we actively participate in co-creating a more joyful experience- even when it sucks. We are a part of creation.

Efficient Restoration
We strive to get the job of restoration done in the most efficient, effective manner possible. The original design of a human experience is to be one of goodness. We are wired as human beings to experience our Selves from a felt sense of safety and love in the body.

Most of us have veered away from our original design due to painful past experiences. We endeavor to efficiently guide people back to living in a more regulated system; this allows them to feel safe in their own life experience. Return to goodness within.

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