Tissues can Heal. Trauma can End.

Get a better grasp on your health because living in constant “FIGHT or FLIGHT” is exhausting!

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Complex science made simple

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Are these struggles familiar to you?

“I’m overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, and stuck.”

“I can’t figure out work-life balance.”

“I hold my stress in my neck and shoulders (or gut… headaches… lower back).”

A Green Tree Mind will help you...

Get back in control of your body, mind, and life.

Identify and get out of fight, flight, and freeze patterns.

Utilize practical tools, exercises, and strategies to immediately feel better.

Making Sense of
Body Nonsense

What if you could understand why your body was doing what it is doing? What if you could connect hidden dots and achieve understanding of your patterns?

Having Trouble Interrupting Negative Circuitry?

You’re not alone, you’re not abnormal, and the struggle is real.

If these sound familiar…

“I can’t stop the thoughts in my head.”
“I’m paralyzed with stress.”
“I keep repeating the same cycles over and over…”


You are NORMAL. I promise. And… it is something you can change.
And I can show you how.

Here’s How You Can Get There

When you experience and learn how to regulate your nervous system, you activate the circuits of health, growth and restoration.

One-on-One Coaching

An exploration, in purposeful conversation, based upon your body intelligence. Discover what is & isn’t working in your body/mind and learn to shift into your peaceful nervous system faster. Expect to leave feeling better in your body than you arrived: lighter, freer and happier.

Coaching Options:

  • Free consultation – 20 minute phone/video conference to see if this is a good fit for you
  • Single session – one hour coaching session ($185/session)
  • Package of 4 or 6 sessions – regular coaching to really make a difference ($165 or $160/session)
  • Project YOU – take the deep dive to live the best YOU possible ($150/session)

Nervous System Ninja

This 6-level training series is the curated result of 22 years of clinical research and best practice. Become a Ninja with the skills to identify threat circuits within you and alchemize them into circuits of safety instead.

To activate your own circuits of health, growth and restoration, Find Out More Here.

Resilient Practitioner

A course just for you, the health care provider… to lighten the heavy load of caregiving burdens. Receive knowledge and experience(s) to create a more sustainable and fulfilling professional life AND leave behind overwhelm, helpless frustration and isolation.

Guest Speaker

Have a group of people who could use some straight-forward techniques to live a more Green Tree Life? Schedule Dr. Renee Ostertag for an in-person or virtual presentation.

Door to Green Tree Living

Finding the Right Tools Can Be Hard, but Applying Them Doesn’t Have To Be

You can make a shift in as little as 10-12 seconds of your time and exquisite attention. Together, we’ll discover simple, yet powerful, tools, strategies, and exercises you can do that tap into your body’s natural mechanisms for healing, resiliency, and vibrancy.

Why don’t we chat? Let’s get clear on where you want to go, what tools you need, and what’s getting in the way of applying them. We can discover a clear path or plan to get you there.

About Dr. Renee

Physical Therapist & Mental Health Provider

I believe that body and mind are intimately connected. Brain speaks to body and body speaks to brain… and what they’re telling you can be challenging to understand. As a clinical scientist that recognizes the influence of Spirit on our Being, I help you make more sense of this communication — by providing you with the tools to interpret the language of your nervous system.

In a nutshell, if a Physical Therapist and a Psychotherapist had a baby with a spiritual godmother that really loves Science… that would be ME.

Renee’s clinical experience exceeds 40,000 hours of patient care.

Dr. Robyn Gisbert

About Dr. Robyn

Physical Therapist & National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

I bring extensive experience helping individuals to enhance their physical well-being and lead fulfilling lives. By aligning the mind, body, and heart, one can fully express their true essence and enjoy meaningful connections with others as they navigate the challenges of life.

I provide guidance through safe and effective evidence-based methods, utilizing HeartMath techniques along with my knowledge of nervous system regulation and body-based exercises to promote healing and wholeness for my clients.

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How It Works

You come built-in, hard-wired, factory-installed to heal. Tapping into these circuits, naturally elicits greater health, growth & restoration.

Through Green Tree Mind coaching and therapy, you will experience access to these circuits for long-term resiliency and lasting joy.

How Long Does This Take?

Ten seconds?
The rest of your life?
It’s actually both.

Regulating your nervous system is required the rest of your life, just like brushing your teeth or maintaining your car. I’m not saying you need to work with me the rest of your life! Just long enough for you to have new habits to regulate your nervous system on your own.

The Brand Mullet

Science in the back and Spirit in the front!

This work is equal parts pain neuroscience, spirituality, psychology and physical therapy… resulting in greater peace, better health and improved self-awareness. Using science & spirit together helps make better sense of this complex world.

I’ve Developed Fun & Realistic Methods to Move Yourself Towards Green Tree Living…


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You’ll find exercises, tools, and strategies to correct body imbalances, stress and pain… getting you back to a body-mind that doesn’t hurt and lets you live how you want to live.

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Don’t just take our word for it…


Patient: You’re desparate to have relief. You’re desparate. And, I thought, “I’ll go one time, and see what I think.” And, the first time I went, I could tell… it wasn’t a biggie, but at least there was improvement! But, I found ME doing the work.

Dr. Renee: <chuckle>

Patient: I had to go out there and do the work, too. But, you gave me so many wonderful tools. <speaking to audience> Doctor will give you great tools toward recovery. She has so many tools. And, especially for the individual. For me, she has my tools. I’m sure, for someone else that would come, she would have different tools. <speaking to Dr. Renee> But, you’re educated in that, you can tell that you know what you’re doing, and… it made an impression. <speaking to audience> Because I trust her, I really trust her.


Dr. Renee: Tell me about the WIN you just had.

Patient: The win I had was not having a back flare-up in over a year. And, by back flare-up, I mean complete pain that puts me out of commission for anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks.

Dr. Renee: And, to what do you attribute this win to?

Patient: My awareness of stressors and how to self-regulate.

Dr. Renee: Awesome. Is this something you would recommend to other people?

Patient: 100%. Complete turnaround. It took a lot of work, and time & patience, but… very much well worth it.

Dr. Renee: Awesome.


Dr. Renee: And what difference does that make in your life?

Patient: Oh, huge difference. Emotionally, mentally, physically… all of it. I walk out of here beaming, happy and, yeah, my body felt good.

Dr. Renee: Thank you.

Patient: You’re welcome.

“My mind and body are calmer, I have less obsessive mind chatter, and I am overall less panicky.”


“Dr. Renee’s competency level is so high. I am thrilled to be working with someone who really knows what they’re doing… and I’ve been a therapist since 1982!”


“I don’t jump out of my skin like I used to… I can turn my head.. Renee helped me set my body back to ground zero.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What can I expect during a session?

A good outcome.

You can expect to arrive to your session and receive a friendly, warm face to welcome you. From there, we will connect a bit as humans together and set an intention or desired outcome for the session.

The session will include talking about your concerns and having an intentional conversation to explore how these concerns show up in your nervous system. We will address the problems and find tangible, practical solutions for you to actively improve your situation.

We might do some moving around, role play, and discovery of new insights. You will discover new ways of seeing and understanding your situation (which leads to greater peace, calm and clarity), you will have received new tools and strategies to address your situation, and you will leave feeling better, lighter, and more clear about your path ahead.

Sometimes, we will discover and explore some uncomfortable material within your nervous system, but you can definitely expect 100% survival rate of each and every session, no matter what comes up. 😊

So... do you do Physical or Psychotherapy?

I do a combination of the two approaches and an integration of the two. If a PT and a psychotherapist had a baby, it would look like me and the work that we do together… I pull bits from each field specific and unique to what you need in any given moment.

Most of the time, sessions can look like psychotherapy in that we sit, talk, and process a lot. We collaboratively explore an intentional conversation about what is happening in your life and how it shows up in your nervous system, and what that means in your body … but unlike traditional talk therapy, you will almost always leave with new tools, exercises, and strategies where you can actively DO things to contribute to making you feel better.

How does it all work?

Like a good movie… a great ending, but the plot is somewhat mysterious.

I know with a great degree of confidence that your body comes built-in, hard-wired, factory-installed to heal. And, I am very good at helping you find and reactivate that circuitry within yourself.

I don’t always know how it’s going to emerge or unfold, but I do know that together – if you’re ready, willing, and able – we can find and ignite the circuits within your nervous system to restore your natural capacities to health, growth, and restoration.

We do that through talking, moving, and staying curious about your nervous system and how it responds to your life.

Will my insurance pay for this?
I can provide you with a Superbill with Physical Therapy codes– basically an invoice that you submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement.
How long does a treatment session last? How long will I have to stay in treatment with you?

Treatment sessions are 50-55 minutes long. Many people find resolution from more “simple” problems in 1-2 months (or sometimes less).

If you’re on a journey of self-discovery, healing, or have more complex / longstanding concerns, the work takes longer and people will stay in “the work” with me anywhere from 6-24 months.

How can you help physical pain or other physical issues online?
It’s pretty amazing actually. I’ve discovered that you don’t always have to touch a body to make the body feel better, more relaxed, and be in less pain. I can show you exercises and help you learn new strategies that will work to resolve your discomfort and dis-ease.