Using Your Body Intelligence

to shift out of red alert

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Green Tree Mind is complex science made simple. Learn to trust your body’s unique GPS system to better navigate your life.
Living in constant Fight or Flight is exhausting.
Are you struggling with…

Persisting conditions such as – mild anxieties, nagging neck and back tension, headaches, sadness that won’t go away, overwhelm, cycling between panic and freeze.

A Green Tree Mind can help you…
Have greater access to your calm mind and relaxed body in the face of life’s stressors. This lets you live in greater states of relaxed alertness, rather than hyper-vigilance.
How does it all work?
It is complex science made simple. Get curious about your body’s intelligence. Use specific attention and intentional action to shift your nervous system into its peaceful circuitry. This space melts, heals and alleviates persistent conditions over time.
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The Story

I started this business to get to the source of symptoms. YOU are the hero of your own journey… it’s time to find and run that circuitry again.


The Central Nervous System is the governing system that runs and organizes our existence.  Most of it is behind the scenes – thank goodness.


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