What Happens in Vagus (Nerve), Stays in Your Body

If you’ve been living with some kind of pain – physical, emotional, or social pain – you’re probably used to it being a part of your life…

…and there might be some surrender to the idea that this is how it’s always going to be…

…why would it be different? It’s been around this long… you can’t remember a time when it wasn’t there.

Can I offer a possibility that it doesn’t have to be that way? Allow me to give you permission, for whatever it’s worth…

You don’t have to live with pain!

Just because you’ve had this pain, stress, or body anxiety for a while, doesn’t necessarily have to mean you’ll have it forever.

You’ve likely heard the statement – “Do what you always did, get what you always got.” Therefore, if you do something different.. you’ll get something different.

But, if you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got…. creating an unfortunate self-fulfilling prophecy.

You CAN break the cycle.

If you do something different, you can get something different.

Let me present you with something different: an exercise called the Vagus Nerve Reset. If you do something new, you get something new in your life, like less pain, lowered stress, and a more comfortable body

Break attachments to pain, stress, and body anxiety in less than two minutes with this Vagus Nerve Reset exercise.

Watch the above video (4:19) and you can have a result like “Betsy” did. My (fake-name) patient was able to easily get through a scary dental visit without medication because she applied the principles explained in the video!

The Vagus Nerve Reset gives you access to the brain regions that promote health, growth and restoration.

The exercise benefits are cumulative – the more you do it, the better and faster it works. If you do it twice a day, for six weeks, I guarantee you’ll experience a more relaxed body and a calmer, clearer mind!

The video has detailed instructions, but if you run into any problems, contact me. We can troubleshoot it together, so you can benefit from the results it provides.
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