Want To Calm Your Body Anxiety?

by | Aug 5, 2020

Want to calm your body anxiety?

I’ve got a solution for you… check out the video for detailed instructions.

I did this with a patient last week, and she was able to reduce her body anxiety symptoms (chest tightness, neck tension, knot in her gut) from 7-9/10 down to a 3/10! A grateful shout-out to Heather Leavesley who inspired me with this question.

All you do is ask yourself ONE question:

Where is the anxiety NOT?

Once your brain starts looking for that answer, it runs different circuitry in your body that is oriented away from anxiety… leaving you feeling more calm, relaxed, and grounded.
curious child pressing up against a window

Get curious and have fun with it… the more creative you can get, the more relief you’ll get. For example, see how many silly and crazy things you can point out to yourself (out loud or in your head) that don’t have anxiety in them… like your toaster, your fifth pinky toe, and grandma’s homemade jam in the fridge! It can actually get fun if you make a game out of it.

Be sure to notice the difference in your body… spend 12 seconds really savoring the more relaxed sensation within yourself. smile

The other thing that works for people:

Watch. Less. News.

Not only is it filled with bad stuff that drives up your anxiety, it’s also the #1 thing you can do to become a more ineffective human being!!! Looking for proof? Check out the article from Mind Cafe.

Looking for a Guide to help you through this process?

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Written By Renee Ostertag

Clinical Scientist. Body Intelligence Speaker. Physical Therapist. Renee is obsessed with the nervous system and how it affects pain, healing, and quality of life. She strikes a balance with work & life by playing with her Bernedoodle puppy and Improv Theater.

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