Staying Healthy during COVID-19

How to relax your jaw in 30 seconds.

“When the fisherman can’t be at sea, they mend their nets.”

What nets can you mend while staying at home during this time of unprecedented uncertainty? One option is to learn new strategies to take care of your nervous system.

Did you know that disorders of the nervous system can lead to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and glaucoma?

Good news flash: you can do things now, to prevent these problems later.

Here’s a video series you can explore to learn nerve calming and pain prevention strategies:
Learning these nervous system regulation skills now, will not only alleviate stress during this time, but will serve you well later during future stressors.

I’m offering free 20-minute calls for “Sounding Board Time”. If you have an issue, concern, or simply need a friend to talk to.. please schedule a free consultation.

Let’s keep those lungs healthy during this COVID-19 time.

And finally, the virtual Resilient Practitioner Course begins May 14! If you are (or know someone who might be) interested, check it out.

Stay home, stay healthy, and stay connected to your support system! I’m here if you need me and would love to be of service to you during this time.

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