Resilient Practitioner Project

Six-Week Course

It’s time to stop living in “Survival Mode” and become a Resilient Practitioner.

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A 6-Week Course Just For YOU.

You… the health care provider… to lighten the heavy load of caregiving burdens.

Taking care of others is hard, people!

Think of it as the "Missing Curriculum"

A 6-week course where you’ll receive  knowledge and experience(s) to create a more sustainable and fulfilling professional life AND leave behind overwhelm, helpless frustration and isolation.


Everything you receive trickles over to your patient encounters… it’s a WIN-WIN. Improved pain education, self-efficacy skills and nervous system regulation strategies for you AND your patients.


Course Objectives



Habits for greater life balance, incorporating topics of communication, boundaries, and self-care practices


Strategies that promote greater self-awareness and intentional regulation of your nervous system


Faster recognition of disempowered roles and ability to shift into greater states of empowered physiology

Tools that help you buffer you against burnout, compassion fatigue and secondary trauma

Enhanced ability to promote positive therapeutic alliances, leading to greater degrees of health, trust, and safety


Create a group culture and community participation that supports co-regulation in challenging professional situations

Category II PT CEU’s available.



Week 1 - Introduction and Key Concepts

Self-Awareness: Interoception, Neuroception, and ANS Circuits

Pain Physiology: Perception of Threat vs. Safety

Restoring Case Control: where Supervision Group meets Reciprocal Inhibition

Week 2 - Emotional Intelligence, Meet Physiology

ANS and Polyvagal Theory: Meaning and Application of Circuits

Emotional Physiology: Self and Co-Regulation

Physiology of Burnout: Yerkes-Dodson Law

Week 3 - Truth-Telling: What, Why and How

Science, Social Psychology, Shame and Resilience

Name it to Tame it

Week 4 - Identity, Roles and Empowerment

Kartman’s Drama Triangle

Serving, Helping and Fixing: what’s the difference and why it matters

Week 5 - Non-Violent Communication

Observations, Feelings, Needs and Requests

Personal Policies

Week 6 - Boundaries, Self-Care Routines and Rituals

Boundaries: where I end and you begin

Habits: Routines and Rituals that work for you

Supervision Group: Creating Community and Ongoing Support


class dates in July

Thursday Evenings

7:00-9:00pm MT
July 22 – August 26

class dates in August


From the comfort of your favorite couch,  lounge chair or papasan!
Meetings will be held virtually.

What Previous Attendees Are Saying

Just Do It.

Dr. Ty Carzoli

I used to feel that work was a series of traps that I was dodging. Now I feel more empowered. I have strategies, including considering different perspectives, to navigate the minefield — so now I see it more as a beautiful landscape than a treacherous one. The difference it makes in my life is that it reduces stress and increases optimism — a problem or challenge has transformed into an opportunity.

Dr. Carolyn Bremer

Physical Therapist

Work and patient care used to feel like bouncy balls coming at me constantly, like I was getting slimed on the Nickelodeon show! Now, it feels more like a faucet that I can turn on and off, and I have greater control. Since the class, I’m more pleasant to be around outside of work; I have more energy and am more present for the people in my life outside of work.

Dr. Juli Janisch

Physical Therapist

I used to have apprehension, lacked confidence and felt hesitant in my clinical work. After participating in the Resilient PT Project, I feel more grounded, certain and direct in my interactions. I can more easily recognize the specific needs of a particular patient and am more comfortable in my approach without getting as flustered. I feel less burned out and am no longer taking documentation home on a regular basis! My energy at work is being used more efficiently, which allows me to be more present in the rest of my life. I am very grateful to have experienced an opportunity to make these positive changes.

Dr. Elizabeth Agnew

Physical Therapist

I used to feel more frustrated and had more of a victim mindset when things were hard. It was easy to blame others around me or the healthcare system as a whole, leaving me at the mercy of my environment. Now I can control my reactions to people and the system, which changes my responses, and I am less frustrated and feel less out of control. I’ve learned to set better boundaries through specific actions and change my way of thinking about things. It makes my work day more pleasant because I can view it in a positive light with less frustration, so I don’t carry that baggage outside of my work to the rest of my life.

Dr. Chelsea van Zytveld

Physical Therapist

Are You Ready?

How do I know…

… this is the right time for me to take the class?

… I’m ready to take the plunge and commit to making a lasting change?

… if I am really heading towards burnout?

Take the Quiz

Professional Quality of Life (ProQOL) is an evidence-based, self-reporting tool to help you measure the positive and negative aspects of helping others who experience pain, suffering or trauma. The tool is provided for free by

Download the Professional Quality of Life “quiz”. Answer honestly to get an accurate picture of where you stand.

Get Your Score

We’ve simplified calculating the scores for your personalized results. Simply fill in the score you recorded for each question in the downloadable Excel workbook. Your results will automatically show up in the Results tab.

What do my scores mean? The full description of the sub-scales  (compassion satisfactionburnout and secondary traumatic stress) are detailed in the self-scoring ProQOL questionnaire.

Meet Your Facilitator:
Dr. Renée Ostertag

Renée has over 19 years of experience in physical therapy. She has triumphed over five rounds of burnout, and she wants to share spare you from years of learning and struggle. The keys to experiencing a sustainable and fulfilling career are self-awareness, navigating your own physiology and guiding others to do the same.

Dr. Renee Ostertag




How does the class work?

We meet online weekly for discussion, experiential learning and case presentations. In between classes, there are lecture videos for you to watch with necessary content. You are expected to have watched the content before each class, arrive with questions and be prepared for discussion.

What is my time commitment expected between classes?

Lecture videos will take 20-30 minutes. Any other time beyond that isn’t necessary, but the more you put in, the more you get out. Time spent reflecting, applying skills learned and integrating course content will only accelerate your growth as a resilient practitioner.

Can I take the class with a coworker or colleague?

Yes! In fact, that is encouraged. Dialogues outside of class enhance your learning. Having regular and consistent conversations about course material and how to apply it in various situations with patients and personal circumstances will deepen & solidify your learning.

What if I can't attend all the sessions?

You need to be able to attend 5 of 6 sessions. The first session is mandatory. If you do need to miss one session, there are some options available to you for getting caught up.

What if I sign up and want to drop the class?

If you decide after the first class that it’s not the right fit, for whatever reason, you can drop the class and receive a 90% refund. Written notification is required within 48 hours after the first class in order to qualify for the refund, otherwise, the entire payment is forfeited.

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Invest in YOUR tomorrow.

Being a health care provider in today’s environment can be hard… really hard.  There’s a lot of pressure, responsibilities and all that takes a toll on you – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Burnout risk factors are high.  You need and deserve more support. Come and experience the ‘Missing Curriculum’ for an investment of $595.00.