Neck Stress?

Not If You Use This Sniper Stretch!

A good sniper can take out their target with one shot.

A sniper stretch is a strategic movement you can do that takes out neck pain with one shot.

I created and tested this concept with 450 surgeons that I spoke to this year. And according to our collected data – it works!

The doctors did 1-3 “sniper stretches” and we collected data pre- and post-intervention.

Over 96% demonstrated positive changes.

One of the doctors did individual sessions with me for his neck pain of 25 years from high stress and forward head positions on long surgery days. After four visits, he gained a better understanding of his pain and we crafted three specific sniper stretches for his needs, which took a total of 2 minutes. He did these every 2-4 hours for 2 weeks and eliminated pain from work days… and the worry that goes along with persisting pain left, too.

If you look down at a phone, hold tension in your shoulders, or have less than optimal head posture.. you may be at higher mechanical risk to develop neck pain and/or stiffness.

And dealing with neck pain, is literally a pain in the neck – it hurts and costs precious time, enerty and resources.

Whether you’re hurting or not, you’re worth taking four minutes to watch this video and try out ONE stretch for you to feel better and be less grouchy for the holidays – face it, no one is happy when they’re hurting!

Need a deeper dive? Schedule a free consultation and let’s determine a plan to help you eliminate pain.

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