MRI Findings Aren’t Always Bad News

Body Abnormalities Don’t Always Equate to Pain

Below are two studies that show you can have degenerative changes, arthritis, structural tears, and other scary diagnoses… and NOT HAVE PAIN.

This research looked at 230 knees and found that 97%, yes NINETY-SEVEN PERCENT, of 230 knees without pain showed “abnormalities”.

And this systematic literature review shows 3110 people with no pain have disc degeneration, bulges, protrustions, and annular fissures in their lower backs.

This is great news! Signs of aging on MRIs don’t correlate with pain, aren’t necessarily pathological, and, most importantly, are NORMAL … kind of like having wrinkles and laugh lines on the inside

This research gives you permission to have structural abnormalities and not have pain!

Science supports the belief that positive expectations are the foundation of excellent outcomes. The conclusion of this article says: “Patients’ expectations remain the strongest and most clinically relevant predictor for self‐perceived LBP improvement.”

If you expect to get better… you will.

If you expect to have pain because you have “bulging discs, arthritis, and degenerative changes”, those negative expectations can become self-fulfilling prophecies, and you stay stuck in pain.

If you expect that you can be comfortable while having “bulging discs, arthritis, and degenerative changes”, it’s more likely to come true.

Expectations….the more you expect you’ll recover, the more likely you will!

When you change your understanding about your body, the story about your body changes.. and opens up possibilities to live a life without the restrictions and pain you thought you’d be stuck with forever!

Need a quick break from Life? Check out this Singing Monkey exercise!

Keep your expectations positive… and your outcomes will become positive too. If you need some support here, I’m only an email away. smile

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