I’ve Got Your Back… Do You?

What do your back and teeth have in common?

They both do well if you tend to them twice a day.

Think about it: would you expect to have all your teeth at retirement age if you never brushed them? ………Nope!

Like your teeth, you can’t expect a pain-free back without maintaining it on a daily basis.

Low back pain can be super scary. But it doesn’t have to be something that controls or runs your life… 

You CAN take your power back.

This exercise can help you, as it did me.

I haven’t had back pain since 2011… and I suffered for 13 years with it!

Learn how to prevent or reduce low back discomfort – research proven to help!

Back pain can be a paradox and often doesn’t make sense. In particular, this backward bending exercise is counter-intuitive… especially when many of us feel like we need to bend forward to stretch back muscles.

But research and experience suggests bending backwards is a powerful way to maintain spinal health.

If you’ve had back pain in the past,
research says you’re 90% likely to have it again.

Great news… this exercise reduces your reoccurance rate by 50%! It’s also been show to prevent back pain when done twice a day…. just like brushing your teeth. smile

You might be scared to bend backwards, or it’s painful and you’re afraid of hurting something. That’s very common – and something that can be fixed. Give me a call, I can help you fix that.

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