COVID Collapse and Election Exhaustion

by | Nov 2, 2020

Is your nervous system stuck in freeze?

COVID, elections, social unrest … tensions are high and times are hard. You’re tired of it all. You’re exhausted.

Check out this video to learn and do a simple hand movement to shift out of a freeze state. It’s easy, fun (I do have a weird definition of fun), and a powerful way to shift out of a collapsed exhaustion.

And, there’s muscle memory to it, too.

Meaning, if you do it once, your body will remember that it:

CAN shift out of stuck freeze and...

it will become EASIER the more you do it.

So… when you find yourself in a stuck mode at some point in the future:

You Can Thaw Out Your Stuck Freeze

And get back to green trees.
woman jumping from freeze to green trees

Next time you are exhausted, overwhelmed and want to collapse… just remember to move your hands, THEN MOVE THEM, and affect the rest of your body (and mind).

Invest 4 minutes now… save yourself HOURS (if not weeks, months, years) later.

Do you want to have a more regulated nervous system, and positively contribute to the world by being a more regulated nervous system in it?

Schedule a visit with Renee before November 15 to receive 10% off your next 4- or 6-session package.


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Marcus Aurelius - Bernedoodle Therapy Dog

Written By Renee Ostertag

Clinical Scientist. Body Intelligence Speaker. Physical Therapist. Renee is obsessed with the nervous system and how it affects pain, healing, and quality of life. She strikes a balance with work & life by playing with her Bernedoodle puppy and Improv Theater.

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