Bats, Lobsters, and a Decade

by | Oct 28, 2022

Are you feeling the struggle bus of today’s challenges?  Here’s a few fun things to spark some joy!


Spark #1

Marcus Barkus Aurelius, our CRO (Chief Regulating Officer), recently turned two years old… and got the best gift ever!  He got to experience the pleasure of chasing a bat around my home.

Spark #2

Marcus the Lobster and his best friend Henry the Wizard wish you an awesome Halloween!

two pups - Marcus & Henry - wishing you a Happy Halloween

Spark #3

This month celebrates Ten Years for me in Business.

I think I took a breath for the first time in a decade… Really.  Finally, statistically speaking, I think I’m gonna make it!  😉

Thank you for being here with me through it all.  I wouldn’t be here without you!

With all the Lobster love from us here at Green Tree Mind…

Happy October!


Written By Renee Ostertag

Clinical Scientist. Body Intelligence Speaker. Physical Therapist. Renee is obsessed with the nervous system and how it affects pain, healing, and quality of life. She strikes a balance with work & life by playing with her Bernedoodle puppy and Improv Theater.

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